Global species list

The "Global species list" derives from the global checklist assembled by Scoble (1999) and was updated in 2007 by Axel Hausmann in consultation with Malcolm Scoble. We propose to cite this list of names as

"Scoble, M.J. & A. Hausmann [updated 2007]: Online list of valid and available names of the Geometridae of the World []"

This checklist is the intellectual property of its authors/contributors and should not be published or used for another purpose without their formal agreement. It is a dynamic document which will be, in the framework of the iBOL and Forum Herbulot initiatives, further developed with the input of the community of expert taxonomists. The primary goal of this checklist is to act as a nomenclatural "gate keeper", to avoid conflicting classifications and typos among the taxon names entered in BOLD and other databases. As a document curated by expert taxonomists, it aims at integrating authoritative knowledge, although it should not be considered as authoritative by itself. If you detect errors or overlooked updates in taxonomic status, please contact

The list can be downloaded in .xls (Microsoft Excel) format: